Em’s Adventures in Subscription Reading Services: the Oyster Edition

If you’re like me, one trip to the library or bookstore isn’t enough to satisfy your book cravings. I’ll admit that over the past few years I’ve allowed my book buying habit to get a little out of hand. My poor little bookshelf is crammed full of books that I’ve yet to read but can’t bear to give away. This wouldn’t be an issue if my upcoming move wasn’t quickly approaching. As it is, I’m beginning the heartbreaking task of packing up and donating all that I’ve acquired in the past four years at school.

Cue the book gods. I’ve been listening to The Book Riot podcast as I’ve made my daily trip to work and class and heard them mention Scribd and Oyster. Scribd I’d heard of in the past but from what was being said, the site that I’d visited before has made a bit of a change.

These sites specialize in subscription reading services. Simply put, you pay each month for access to tons of ebooks. Once I realized that they have free one month trials I knew I had to give them a shot.

I started with Oyster because they had the book that I was looking for at the time (it was alright).

Here’s a quick overview:

Monthly cost: $9.95

Accessible: Web browser, Apple, Android, Kindle Fire, and Nook HD

Notable publishers: Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, Bloosmbury, and Macmillan (there are plenty more but you should look them up and see for yourselves!)

I was incredibly impressed with the selection of books that I was presented with once I made my account. They even have the Harry Potter ebooks! The Android and Apple apps were easy to navigate and I loved the fact that I could change the theme of the pages in the books that I read. It’s also nice that I can switch between devices and Oyster will save where I’ve left off in a book.

I’m actually thinking about paying to continue using this service once my free trial is up in couple of weeks. I would definitely suggest Oyster for people looking to try a subscription service. The trial is long enough that you can get a nice feel of the website and build up a reading list.

If you sign up through this link- click– we will both get $15 credited to our accounts which is over one month’s worth of credit! It’s a pretty sweet deal and you honestly don’t have anything to lose.

Next stop: Scribd! Feel free to let me know of any subscription reading services that you know of. I’d love to check them out!

Happy reading!


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